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There's a Riot Going On

The last few months for Pussy Riot -- and specifically group members, Nadya Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina -- have been undeniably turbulent. This, of course, means that these women have been met with many ups and downs, including their release from the Russian prison system to being whipped by Cossack forces at Sochi earlier this week. The Pussy Riot Collective even went so far as to declare that they have chosen to secede both Nady and Maria from the group, as the other members feel these two no longer exemplify the leftist, feminist, anti-capitalistic philosophy that propelled the group into the spotlight. However, both women claim that such claims are entirely farcical, hence their appearance in Sochi earlier this week. 

Either way, their reappearance in the spotlight has been necessary in continuing to propel the message. I recently read this great piece from AnOther Mag regarding a documentary, called Pussy v. Putin, about the group. Besides merely relaying the events that occurred at the most controversial and publicized portions of the collective's public displays, the documentary and its producers look into the psyche and the raison d'etre of the group. As one of the pull-quotes so aptly states: "Pussy Riot practise a thrilling, nuanced style of youth protest that ranks reason and educated debate as highly as noise."


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