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Color On The Winter Snow

Amazing Won Hundred wedges
from anywho blog

pop of color blue coat
from anywho blog

just a beautfiul Veronica B. Vallenes dress from CFW
via anywho

red eyebrow guinivere


  How is everyone? Phew, another busy week has gone by! I've just been looking over some blogs and collections, and surprisingly I've been seeing lots of color for winter. As it should be! At the beginning of this month both Stockholm and Copenhagen had their fashion weeks - and lots of color to go along with it! Like at Rodebjer (a wonderful collection), which had great mixes of bright purples, pinks and reds. When searching for color, I popped over to anywho to and saw some more great images of CFW.

Jil Sander S/S 2011
yes, a spring collection but...the colors!
Speaking of colors, I need to add some bright ones to my wardrobe. Been so bored with my closet lately...what to do? I need a job.

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