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from finner

   This is week has been never-ending and horrible. So much work at school. Late nights and early mornings due to homwork. Sick and caughing up a storm. Tests to study for. Just ran a horrible cross-country race.
  Sometimes I wonder if it is all even worth it - perhaps I should just take the easy path around? No, no silly thoughts.
    And so many good shows in Paris to catch up on - the stuff I actually get pleasure from.
For now, some great looks from Styleby mag's 5th issue, styled by one of my style icons, Columbine Smille. Really in love with the coccoon-like shape of that sweatshirt (from Cos, I think?).
And now I leave you with my favorite song at the moment,"From Finner" - by Of Monsters and always makes things feel like they will all be okay in the end.

Happy Friday....? ? ?

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