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Been wanting these Nikes for a little while - and I finally caved and got them with a little birthday money I had recieved a few weeks ago. The thing is, since I have been in love with this Nike silhouette for a year or so I knew that it would be a good purchase. That's the true test, to see if you like it in a year's time. Not that a few impulse buys have never been in my me, they have.
   And I know I've post an outfit in which I am wearing these shorts and the knit top before. My philosophy is, though, if you like a silhouette or a it again! I think that's part of the fun in getting dressed. Over time you'll start to see trends in what you personally like, what shapes suit you (doesn't have to physically suiting but "suiting" in the sense it gives you confidence).
   I have some things to say about the resort collections but that's for another post.
HINT: Proenza Schouler look #4 (!).

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