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Heels to Flats

      As much as I love heels of all kinds, the ones I dream about are not nearly in a price range that I can afford. Also, in reality I've got nowhere to wear them...and I'm a sneaker girl. That being said, I figured I'd pop these vintage Céline shoes on just for fun. They are not particulary beautiful but they are simple and I figured they'd go well with the plaid and cutoffs should I wish to pursue a 90s vibe. Soon after their short lifespan on my feet, I quickly decided to change into two types of flats. One pair, to carry on the 90s vibe, were  brogues that belong to my mother. They're incredibly comfortable should that matter, and they are also just big and effortless.
       Also, do you like my sock tan? Goes to show I really do wear sneakers for the majority of my time.
       Shoe change # 2 consisted of a pair of old loafers that, too, belonged to my mother.

       This might be my favorite pairing out of all three. I'm just really a loafers girl, too. Okay, bye for now!

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