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whites of summer


I always begin these posts with an apology for neglect. But then again, the readership of this here blog is most likely quite low. Anyhow, I've been thinking a lot about summer lately because my attention span and motivation for school work -- while still there -- isn't nearly as generous with its presence as in months past. And, with this lack of attention came longer days and warmer nights, ultimately making me itch to wear light, airy, white pieces. I love white clothing, but the intentional and extra caution I often give to clothing of that color often ends in a clumsier move, which leads me to be more apprehensive about donning the color. No matter, a girl will wear what she wants to wear. Right? Right. There's certain crispness to white and off-white and cream clothing that seems to go so well with the sun and upcoming days of idle time, which I will undoubtedly fill with reading, or daydreaming, or a combination of both.  So, to hasten the process, I donned a simple tank, an old petticoat, a belt-necklace and my trusty Saucony sneaks. Just a few more weeks, now...

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  1. A belt necklace?! By god you're a freaking genius.