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Adidas Superstar //


    Now, it's a familiar story on this blog to hear about my loving something that I previously hated. I have been a fan of Adidas shoes for a long time, but never have I been a fan of the Superstar. Maybe it is because I never idolized the typical clientele for the shoe. But with this whole sneaker craze that has been culminating for the past few years, the clientele has invariably extended into more comparable people - or, if anything, people who's style I really admire.
     The shoe, especially when worn with a great short, actually looks pretty decent. I think the key with this shoe is to keep everything else really simple and classic. Perhaps a pinstriped blazer, a plain black tee, and some denim cutoffs would be an ideal look. Or, just like this blogger of the blog, Paris Paris , they can be paired with a vintage pair of athletic shorts. Either way, I think I'm really beginning to fall in love. And don't you think they'd look pretty cool with an Hermès Grooming Bag?


  1. I could be into those again. Styling of a sneaker is so important.

    1. I feel you! Very important. Can go wrong real easily...