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I Feel Bad About My Eye

      ....Well, not really. I am just trying to mimic the title of the book I am holding up, I Feel Bad About by Neck. I've read several of Ephron's other essays, etc but this is my first time with this collection of essays, and I must say I am sold. As always, she's poignant and funny. No need for fancy-schmancy words or complex sentences to get the point across or impress the reader.
     For the last, say, year I have been into monochromatic dressing. This summer it was pretty much all white, save for the ubiquitous denim cutoffs. This fall, I am doing/plan on doing a lot of black, navy, and heck, even some more white. White is calming to me in that it really doesn't have much of a connotation aesthetic-wise. The New Balance, of course, are partly because they are comfortable and partly because I feel a little bit more French or Scandinavian in them. This summer I came across a girl from Paris who was wearing New Balance.
 "Oh, I love your New Balances, " I said.

 "Ah, yes, Zhank you. They are very nineties,  Sehn-Feld (Seinfeld), non?" she said.

  "Uhmm, yes, super great!" I answered.

     You see, though, she made them look exponentially cooler than I do. I also think they can make the wearer look smarter if done right. Or a better writer. And for the record, I'd love to pose as both.


  1. I love hearing the American references that french people have. You wear those sneakers.

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