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New Year's has always felt rather depressing for me. I would chalk it up to being sentimental that a year has just ended, but I come from the camp where one day doesn't feel exponentially different from the next. For the past, say, three months I have been really into everything concerning the late '50s to early '60s. I wear loafers with socks nearly every day, and have been opting for trench coats and camel coats over large, denim jackets. 
The other day while thrift shopping with my friend, I purchased a very ladylike bag. It is a brown, snakeskin bag from the aforementioned time slot. My style for the past couple of years has been anything but ladylike. Sure, I wear dresses, but not unless they are paired with sneakers. So...while I don't really believe in the effectiveness of resolutions unless they permit more ice cream or less homework, I am going to try to really delve into this pre-Mod kick I've been on. I've even be wearing bows in my hair. 

How long do you think I can be A Lady? Here's betting I'm good for a month, tops.