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    Copenhagen fashion week happened about a week or so ago - and that always leaves me ecstatic given that cph is one of the most stylish cities, in my opinion. Those people pretty much invented the sport-infused look and are the sneaker-wearers to end all sneaker-wearers.

Sneaker Tribe:
   Cue the kicks! Ones of the Nike free variety, especially. Animal print seemed to be a major compliment for the sporty shoes as well: pants in leopard, dresses in leopard - you name it.

I think that a tighter silhouette (such as the above dress) works really well with a bigger sneaker such as the Nike Air Max. However, a flow-y dress could work as well, just needs to be mid-thigh lengths.
Is she cool or what? Stine Goya polka dot shoes up top...paired with a great trench, no less.

I love the simplicity of this look: the perfect jersey tee, distressed denim, the pointy-toe-ankle-strap-shoe-of-the-season. And, of course, the animal print theme of the week.

  Ahh, yes! Are you familiar with Elise Børn (left) of the blog, Anywho?  She is one of my style icons: she mixes the perfect coccoon-y shapes, fun prints, and awesome shoes to create a totally unique style. You can tell she has fun with clothes and doesn't take it all too seriously. Nevertheless, the passion is all there. I believe the lady on the left is a woman named Nina, who has equally as great style.
One day I'll view the street-style there for myself but until then I've gotten these photos over the interwebs via: Stockholm Streetstyle and Ivan Rodic

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  1. Just discovered your blog and am very impressed!
    You write very well and i love your style, keep it up!!!