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Helmut Lang

    I haven't written a post in ages as school has been an unwelcome change in the daily schedule. Nevertheless, it's hashtag NYFW so naturally I have to take a little time out of the day to jot a few thoughts down on the shows.
May I just first start off my eloquently saying: this collection was really flipping good. Like, really, really, good. But then again, Helmut Lang isn't ever not good, so...
To break it down into the different elements, I especially enjoyed the use of sherbert-y orange and cobalt blue. Just a few days deep into fashion month, yet an inevitable trend seems to be the use of plastic: plastic skirts, shirts, details. But hey, I'm loving it.
The proportions of this collection were what struck me the most.
That mix of patchwork-like technique to create very streamlined and
signaturely un-folksy (in a patchwork sense) collection of
really well-crafted jackets and tanks. The thing about Helmut Lang is that
they really do actually focus on the basics - the jersey pieces are a step ahead.
Think space-age crochet skirts for spring. Duh.


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