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Prada SS 13

I've always felt that the most beautiful things in life are the elements that we can't grasp fully. Miuccia's collections always fit such descriptions. A recurring theme that is currently being appreciated on this end is thought and process (see: proenza post).  And with Ms. Prada, one can always rest assured that immense amounts of weight and thought go behind every shape in the collection. This has been a more streamline collection compared to seasons past for Prada, yet a recurring theme of the exploitation of nostalgia. What I felt was most interesting about the collection was Miuccia's insistence that the collection did not intially begin with the use of traditional Japanese shapes ( kimono, etc). Such only parlayed due to the values behind the clothes: simplicity, structure, tradition and, of course, her signature irony - this time in the form of an "impossible dream." Made complete sense, even tying into the novel, Norwegian Wood, by Japanese novelist (superhero, rather) Haruki Murakami. The clothes hinted at this beautiful tale that couldn't escape a dark fantasy bound to roots and tradition. It could be seen in every calculated orgami-like fold, the transition from all-black looks to ones that resembled the pinks of cherry blossoms. It was a journey that played with the distortion of tradition and the deflation of femininity that occurs in the most feminine of things.

   Just to note, I think that the glasses and bags, especially, will be on the nosebridges and arms of every editor come spring. The use of the flower motif never grew boring throughout the show due to its equally literal and cryptic representation.

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