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Proenza Schouler SS 13


     Proenza Schouler, in case you were wondering, is no longer in the up-and-coming stages. They've come onto the scene and they're up - really high. The clothes, over the past few seasons, have taken on more biased and "grown-up" cuts. That isn't to say that it's not equally cool - in fact,the girl they are creating is only becoming more poignant and devoloped; she's still cool. This season, that girl was reinforced, whilst still remaining faithful to the contradiction Proenza incorporates into every stitch of the clothes. Those stitches were literal.

     Proenza validated the hints of snakeskin being a facet of spring 2013 dressing. They took the longer cut skirts and dresses and used the classic silhouette to counteract the amazing patchwork of snakeskin together, which were hand-sewn together in Madgascar. They really put a lot of thought behind the clothes: they go beyond what the eyes see. The clothes are equally looks as they are process. To take something so technologically advanced such as lazor-cut leather and have it pieced together by way of ancient craftsmanship only strengthens the integrity of both sides of the industry. Embracing the past and embracing the future of fashion manufacturing. Symbiosis, really.
    The "disected photograph" dresses towards the end were supposedly taken and inspired by the typical serene photo streams found on tumblr, which hints at the increasingly important role the internet plays in forms of not only communication but inspiration and the creative process. The colors, the textures, the prints, these are all harmonious and respected in a collection that stood out from the other fairly conservative shows shown in New York. The industry needs Jack and Lazaro: they've become household names that we can rely on for great clothes and creative integrity.

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