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     For a few years now, I've  been looking and re-looking at Nike Air Max sneakers. Do I like them, do I not? It was a debate that I went back and forth  for a while. On the one hand, they were really cool. But on the other, were they really me? I mean, I'm all for a sneaker, but these were big and full of connotations of a person that I certainly wasn't. I don't have street creds or collect Supreme hats or know much about 90s hip-hop (I can jam to Biz Markie and Biggie Smalls, A Tribe Called Quest, though). Until then, I was always just a Roshe girl, dabbling in the lighter, newer shoes that Nike had to offer. Yet, somewhere along the line, my mind changed and I became entranced by the Air Max 1. It -- despite my internal protests --  is a classic. So, when I saw this pair come up in a recent web search, I couldn't refuse. One of the many things that Nike does well is captivate audiences beyond that of a standard sneaker buyer. They manage to team up with interesting comapnies (see: Liberty of London) and constantly create new colorways, materials, and designs to expand their empire. I'm sold.

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