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  I'm really into this thing today where I use a red leather clutch as an eye patch. It's sort of fun and helps to rid of a large portion of my face, which, as whole, is not so great. I'm super into layering with this dress. First off, it's quite a bit shorter than anything I would typically wear so a denim shirt around the waist is much-needed. Then, I put on a trusty double breasted blazer and pair it down with a pair of converse. Good to go. I don't really think there is an end in sight for my obsession with things around the waist. I'd pretty much anything around it. Really, really.


  1. Amazing! Absolutely love it... <33

  2. Emma! I really like your blog, just found it. Would love if you did a post that told us a little more about yourself!

    1. Hi, Sarah! Is there anything in particular you would like to know about? You can always email me, too!