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holy cow


      For a couple of weeks now the Céline fall 2013 ads have been circulating, and leaving everyone on the airwaves either speechless or able to let out an "OH EM GEE." Either response, they're fabulous and I'm so glad the Phoebe-Teller-Daria Trifecta is hanging around for another season (and hopefully a lifetime).
    The use of the mosaic and patterned backgrounds with both the all-white and shopping bag-patterned looks is perfect, as there is a consistency and muted busyness that transcends the series of ads.
    My guess is that all girls will have those plaid, plastic shopping bags to accompany their Birkenstocks shortly.

1 comment:

  1. I saw the first of these ads in Vogue August, where it seemed noticeable mainly for the slight glossiness of the lips in an issue where nearly every ad and spread showed blotted, stained lipstick. The question is, will one be lucky enough to travel exclusively in paisley rooms when wearing the clothes, in order to set them off properly???

    Peace, Mari