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The Fashionable Streets of Paris

As I am in Paris right now, I love to watch the people on the streets. Just my coming to the fashion capitol, you can see the difference of how people dress. Here are a couple of trends I saw, and how to wear them.
The big trend here are Harem pants. They are best worn with gladiator sandals or wedges. Another trend that the French women are wearing are jumpsuits and rompers. These trends can look so wonderful, but with a little mess up, can become a disaster. If fitted well and but not too tight they are perfect. If they are fitted to tight or are really baggy, they will make you look like you have gained weight instantly. Worn with wedges, gladiator sandals, or vintage-looking loafers...then you can conquer the look in style! Enjoy these trends the fashionable French madamemoiselles are wearing! Enjoy!

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