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My Favorites of the Week--Choosing my dream things for this week

I love this DVF cardigan! Looks cozy for the fall! I want this whole Chloe fall 2009 outfit, it is just right for the fall!

Can't go wrong with these wonderful boots! It will keep your legs from getting cold. see them in action in the picture above!

Fall is just around the corner! You know what that means, it is the biggest season in fashion! We're all getting ready for september when the fashion bibles (Bazaar, Vogue, etc) make their biggest, most important issue of the year, and when the shows for the spring 2010 collections start to show! Fall fashions are so elegant, and there is so much room to be creative, too. Unlike summer, where we strip down to only the essentials, fall you can put more on! Sure, go ahead and pair those leggings with shorts, a trench, a hat and a cardigan...don't forget that scarf over there! So here I am, choosing my my dream things for this week and for fall! Enjoy! TIP: Read the September issues of the fashion bibles, and then take it with you shopping to find cheaper alternatives to all of the fall's trends!
BY: Emma (Madame Couture)

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