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Versace spring 2010 ---Va Va Voom in Milan (Milan fashion week update)

      When you think of Versace, what do you think of? Of course, the mini dress! Donatella has so many ways to make her staple into so many different inspirations. In this spring 2010 collection, there was one big inspiration: graphics!
       As the models strutted down the runway, there was one thing that filled the room,colors. It was also mini dresses galore. The 80's were her once again for the runway. Bright neon mini dresses, and huge clonky heels. It was not only a show that showed the power of Versace, but it also showed that any confident young woman can put on these dresses and have a good time. One of my favorite looks of this collection was the first look. It was a dress that was made out of neon print material, with a block of a dotted gray/white fabric, going down the middle panel of the dress. This look was my favorite because it was such a mix of different fabrics and feels that it could almost be too much, but it was just the perfect amount. It really defined the body's natural lines, and helped enhance the length of the legs. This look may not be for everyone, since it is quite loud, and at a certain age the whole mini-thing does not suite everyone.
       Many of the Versace collections seem to be powered to young people, which could be a set back for many women, but you must really see the art and passion in this collection to feel that this collection is linked to you. Overall, this Versace collection was Va Va Voom! So sexy, so young, so Donnatella! Bravo, Bravo!

  P.S. Did you see those platform heels, TO.DIE.FOR!

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  1. I do LOVE those platforms! I would do anything for them! I heart the versace spring 2010 collection! -Miss Vintage