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Finishing to Unfinish at Fendi

     Fendi has always been one of the strongest brands in Milan. Maybe because Karl Lagerfeld co-designs for the brand, or because the brand embodies the elegance and mystery of a woman in every collection. This collection particularly did that. Unfinished pieces seemed to be key this season in Milan, for example clear miniskirts at Versace and exposed skin under many layers of knits at Missoni. But, is was Fendi that really stood out to me.
    The collection was not Karl Lagerfeld at all. He usually does the dracula-thing, with sharp colors like deep red or black. This collection for Fendi has fluidity and draping fabrics that seemed to compose themselves over the body. The colors were pinks, greens, whites, and creams. Perhaps it was the spring spirit that got into Mr.Lagerfeld this season.
      One of my favorite looks was look six. It was simply a sheer fabric belted at the waist. It was so pure and so simple. It redefined privacy. This woman that was created in this dress is confident and modest to cover up her whole body, but at the same time reveals everything underneath the fabric, like the silk undergarments that were adorned in scalloped lace, like the ones of the 1940s.
       I cannot forget the blue silk walking shorts that flowed along the legs and were so elegant. They really made the legs look longer and leaner.
      The accessories in this collection were wonderful. Of course, the lengendary Fendi opened bag, but with a new spin. The bags looked like unfinished carpet bags, that were being made when they were being used. The shoes were the best accesory of all. They were high platform heels, the platform made out of a transparent block of plastic. On the top of a strap there was a little mesh or silk rose. So pretty and wonderful. The shoes wound up the feet like ribbons on point shoes. so elegant and fun.

    This collection was marvelous, even though I did not feel it was absolutely true to who Karl Lagerfeld was as a designer. So, next time you go out, drape a wonderful sheer fabric around your body, and belt it. Don't forget to wear your laciest, most elegant undergarments, too.

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  1. great job on the new post! I loved Fendi too! G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.