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Would You Wear This? Yes, No, Or Maybe!

Our WYWT?, for this week is a little more wearable than some of the others I have put up. It is a maxi dress from the Kenzo SS 2010. Not only does it have a wonderful Napalese twist, but it is very urban-chic. So my question for you is: Would you wear this? If  you answer yes, no, or maybe; please be sure to give your reason why or why not. Thanks so much! Remember: please leave your answer to the question in the form of a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Yes! I would wear this. I love the directional stripes--they are horizontal on top and vertical on the bottom--very cool.

    Just a note--I would more than likely wear a camisole underneath this, or else wear it with a lot of tape. :)