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Chanel Spring-Summer 2010 -- A Spring Day on the Farm

        Would you ever wear Chanel if you were feeding chickens or picking apples? Of course not! Chanel is so sophisticated. so wonderful, so...very much the best! Although, this season Chanel went to  the barnyard in an oh-so-glamourous way. Well...maybe we can bring just a few Chanel pieces (the whole collection) with us to the farm.
          First, the set of this show was amazing. It was a replica of Marie Antoinette's barn. The models came out of a giant haystack. It was an absolutely amazing runway. Near the end, a haystack in at the front of the barn lifted and out popped a hoe down "stage" where the British pop singer Lily Allen, her band, and two models; danced and sang her song "not fair". It was amazing.
        The clothes season were so young and romantic. Lots of chiffon flower print dresses, and see-through black and white chiffon dresses. Of course, Mr.Lagerfeld managed to add that spritz of Chanel by adding black and white and the most elegant tweed sportswear. The looks were the idea of Marie Antoinette's "peasant" look that she wore to her barn. Since she was royalty...her peasant look consisted of more casual ball gowns and lounge wear. One look that really stood out to me was a tweed pant-suit that consisted of a fitted tweed jacket and slit, wide legged tweed pants. It was so Chanel but also so modern that a very young woman could wear it. Though the black and white chiffon dresses at the end did not consist of much material (a white leotard and clear black chiffon draped over) they had some of the most passion and impact in the show. It was the true Coco idea of simple elgance. I cannot pass by the wonderful full corseted mini dresses. At first the proportion looks absolutely ridiculous, but then they I looked at them and I saw the passion and the  idea of this young, hip Marie Antoinette coming to life in our time and cutting off the bottom of her full skirted dress.
         The collection so wonderful, so fresh, so spring...I encourage all of you to watch the show on enjoy!

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