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Alexander Wang - A closer look

This beaded blazer is amazing!
Sorry for the lack of posting, recently, I just started high school and things have been a little hectic. As fall is coming up quite soon, I have doing some fall posts and this is another one. As a few pictures came up in my tumblr feed today, I started looking more closely at the ones from the fall Alexander Wang collection. I reviewed the show earlier, but the more I see it, I am starting to like it.
   First off, Wang has proved to be one of my favorite designers - the* spring collection really won me over, so I was more excited than ever to see what he would come up with for fall. When I first saw the collection, it looked like a sloppy mix of velvet and an old business suit. Between the super-skinny red leggings and and lace dresses, it felt like something a street walker would wear. Don't get me wrong, I did love some aspects of the collection. For example, the woven sunglasses (brilliant!), pearl-beaded blazer, and the shoes. I mean, what can go wrong with a chunky heel?

    This collections is one of those in which you have to really look at each, individual piece and assess them that way. I've been seeing a few of the pieces paired with ones of  different collections and they look quite good. I get the business and the velvet-du-jour looks but not when they are together. I just don't believe that they can be mixed together. Nevertheless, the details have helped to prove that is a better collection than I thought at first glance. So, there might just be a few velvet pieces in my fall wardrobe.
pictures via Tumblr feed
 * That collection along with Phoebe Philo's for Céline were the most-talked-about of the season

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