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Alexander Wang Spring-Summer 2010

Finally, Emma, a review!

     Just like the home of fashion, Alexander Wang has given himself a new name. For his spring collection, he took a different turn by using no black and more fluid, romantic fabrics and colors. The collection was still contemporary, even modern, with undertones of utility and construction: white silk, deconstructed overalls; hard-hat-inspired biker jackets/ vests in grey, white and mint green. The clothes hinted back to 90's minimalism (still a trend into this season!), Comme des Garçons and Issey Miyake - all the looks felt very much like a more wearable take on the legendary Japanese designers. I even dare to say avant-garde, avant-garde for Wang,that is.
     I loved the poetry in the clothes: layers upon layers of light, pastel-colored fabrics, and the most rich terra cotta. As one assymetrical dress hung off a shoulder, a crisp tee would drape and fill in the space. It gives the clothes the illusion of being connected and going on forever. The clothes felt more fresh than before - a bit more creative. I found the new direction of Alexander Wang a good alternative to the dowtown, aggressive feel of past collections. The collection seems more personal than ever, instead of just sending out a tee (which, however, are still lusted after by me, but not nearly as much as the new silk dresses), leather shorts and leather boots. Since Wang is really the prince of the dowtown, casual, grunge thing, it will be interesting to see if all of the girls who dress in such looks will be sporting minty, silky delights come summer.
    Whether this new direction will continue in future collections is unclear, but the reinvention is what America and American fashion is all about. Alexander Wang represents us wonderfully.

Photos via WWD

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