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I Want to Be a Forester

    Ahhhh, October - January are such idle months in fashion. As I've written  before, I'm just not in the mood to write some more reviews for the fall shows. I've done enough writing about not wanting to write about the spring collections for a while, that I probably could have written three. Meh, I'm a teenager, though, therefore I'm lazy...isn't that the way we are supposed to act? Gotta love winter break: I've just been reading and relaxing and collaging and so forth. Christmas eve is tomorrow. I guess I'm kind of excited for Christmas, but not like when I was a child. I just want to travel. It's not that I don't like it here, but I can't sit still. I need to get on an airplane and go....go anywhere. I need a plan for that, then I want to just load up a bag and explore. I've already talked about this, too.
   For Christmas, I've asked for some nice things, which I plan on posting soon. Instead of being 'surprised,' I find it more sensible to pick out a few things for Christmas from my parents. That way, no fuss with returns or wasted money or unsatisfied gift-recievers, you know? I am lucky for these things I will show you soon.
   My title is a reference Karin Dreijer Andersson because I want her voice, and she is one of my favorite artists, right now. I want to be in a cool electronica band like hers. I want her voice, too. It is so strong and simple, but in a discreet and slighty terrifying way. I want to be a forester.
  I want to have a little hideaway like the last picture where I can make electronica and sing in Andersson's voice and dance by the light of the candles.
   Going on a ski trip the day after Christmas, so I'm not too sure how much blogging may be done. Happy Holidays to all. Send me an email if you have any questions or are feeling curious about something...I love getting emails from you guys!

Pictures all from various sources, I claim none to be my own.

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