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Sunday's Inspiration.

   Last night I was daydreaming (as I do very often) about all the wonderful possibilites in life. All the places one can go. I want to travel so badly. In fact, besides the Acne Track shoes, a plane ticket to Copenhagen would be one of the best gifts ever. I've been wanting to go to Copenhagen for as long as I remember. I've always been really interested in family heritage, so when I was little I asked my mom, "what places are we from...before our ancestors came to America?" Well, Denmark was one of them. I believe it was my great-great grandma the set across the sea with her family. But, I won't get into that...this is not, afterall - I do love that site, though.  I've just had an urge to go there, or anywhere in Europe, really. Copenhagen seems like such a cool city: modern, effecient, clean, but with plenty of history/heritage, too. I long to get out of America...I find it so boring, but that could just be since I'm American. I just want to hop on a plane by myself and meet cool people and be pen-pals with all of them. I want to adopt the European way of life.
      I also daydreamed about me being a 20-something who was living in Denmark, with the perfect boyfriend. He will be Scandinavian, tall, and very handsome. We will live in a super modern apartment that we painted ourselves (all white, of course) while wearing broken-in overalls. He will be funny and we will spend our Sunday mornings talking about books, watching foreign films, discussing life, and just looking into eachother's eyes and dreaming, and taking long walks through the streets. And, he will be a really good muscian and will teach me how to play guitar and also to play synthesizers (for techno). We will have a little "band" in which we play for people at our parties in our apartment. He will dress well. On Mondays, we will hop on our bikes and head of to work. He will be off to his cool job (like an architect or something?) and I'll be off to my job as fashion editor/writer for a cool, modern fashion magazine. And then, at night we will cycle home together and make sushi (yum! I wish I could make wonderful sushi!) and sit at our minimalistic, modern table overlooking a beautfiul, open street.
He/this lifestyle sounds subline, no? Maybe one day.
   So, sorry if that was a whole lot of nothing, but these are what Sunday mornings are good for. The pictures kind of capture that fresh, young lifestyle. I think the outfit in the first image would be wonderful with the Acne Track shoes. The Miu Mius would look divine with the all-lace Prade (fall 2008?) look. And then, Amanda Norgaard (aha, Danish model...tying in that aspect!) just would look good in any of those looks.
     One more week of school, then winter break! Just wish there was snow. Enjoy your Sundays, everyone!
Pictures via all sorts of blogs, google searches, etc. I claim none of them to be my own.

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  1. this made me daydream on what that life would be like, so perfect!