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Simple Lines

  Some cravings for the weekend. Of course anything on Elin Kling is wonderful: her simple menswear look is so amazing. The proportion of the oversized shirt and jacket against the cropped pants and Margiela boots is really fresh and cool. Then, also from Elin's blog, is the picture of the the simple bracelets and ring. They are really dainty and would look great with the above of outfit of Elin's.
And last but not least, those beige beauties from Chloe. With that golden strap and low heel, these could go with anything. Just imagine having a great go-to shoes like this. Happy Friday, all!


  1. Ah, I love those Chloe shoes, they're just so stunning! Oh, and I'm also 14, high five! :D


  2. How did they both manage to make the same facial expression?