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Chloé Pre-Fall

I'm pretty much obsessed with the 70's right now - Jane Birkin in flare jeans, Ali MacGraw with her perfect knit layers, etc, etc, etc. Hannah MacGibbon's pre-fall collection from Chloé totally captured that whole vibe with the rich colors, chunky materials and perfect shapes. My favorite look would have to be the first one on this page, consisting of a sweater with furry arms and collar. The flared pants and bag go perfectly with it and the muted colors work really well together.
   On another note, my hair is the exact same length as the model's but does not look nearly as good. How can I get mine to look slightly wavy and effortless like that? And I used to be just as blonde when I was younger - but at the ripe, old age of nearly 15, it's has begun to get a little darker...but not too much (hopefully).
To do this weekend:
1) get my hair into the above style
2) search for some cheap options in terms of spring color-blocking clothing
3) finish homework (and get ahead - which is not so possible with a lack of motivation like mine)
4) Plan an outfit post
5) Go out for a for a run later this evening and tomorrow
6) study for tests and do more homework
7) Look at the Zara site while cursing about how they don't have online shopping in the U.S.
**Happy Saturday**
I claim none of the pictures above to be my own; via different sources

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  1. Topshop have n interesting take on block colours for this season as do new look...Topshop have a lot of nice 70's inspired clothing in as well :) they have alot in the sales as well but if you want 70's they have a lot of good vintage clothing! but it is quite expensive! hope this helped.