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On The Run

  Boy, oh, boy it has been a long time since I have been able to blog! I miss it so much. I feel like I am always starting off my posts with these sort of apology sentences or excuses for bad blogging or whatever they may be.
     Anyhow, I've really been taken with the whole rebirth of the classic running or training shoe, as the New Balance and what have you. I never thought that any of them would have caught my eye, but there is something really appealing about the look of a more stylized trainer paired with just the right outfits. I read blogs from all around the world, and I've seen lots of countries (Europe mostly) with bloggers that wear this style, but I've especially seen it on Danish blogs for some reason. Perhaps it is a huge trend taking the feet of that nation?! (haha, I'm not sure - but I like it!)
Ingrid from

    I really like the 'Samba' by Adidas worn by blogger, Ida, from She manages to pair them really wear to look feminine yet still sporty and kind of tomboyish. I will have to get myself a pair, maybe as a birthday present for myself, as my birthday is coming up in May.
    I never knew that I would like this trend. I mean, I have a pair of cream, high-top Converse - but that's about as far as I get to wearing the trainer while not excercising. What do you think of the look?

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