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Today's Inspiration.

Whew - thank goodness it is spring break! I am currently in Death Valley, with limited time to blog (it is actually a nice break from all the cyber-y things for a while) but I just wanted to do a quick post about what I'd like to be wearing, as I sit here in running shoes and shorts.
   This Moonspoon Salon dress,which I am in love with, is worn by a blogger of (one of my favorite blogs). I love the whole outfit in general as it looks so comfy and easy.
   Next is the Cover of Cover Magazine, which really caught my eye due to  the fact that THE BEST SHIRT IN THE WORLD appaears threre. Something about the shape, the way the print is layed out, the colors....ugh, Phoebe Philo nails it everytime.

  Hope all of you are enjoying spring break if you have one!

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