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Anywho x H&M - CPH

   I was really happy to see this video that H&M did in collaboration with one of my favorite blogs in the world, I think I've made my love for Scandinavian style pretty clear ...but did you see their outfits?! Elsker! And I continue to repeat myself because I can't get my mind  off of those Adidas Sambas worn so well by Ingrid (the one with the shortest hair). It makes me want to go to Copenhagen even more than ever because of all the shops, buildings, architecture, stylish people,  music.
     I am so torn on whether or not to get those shoes. I don't really need them, but boy would I use them. they would be a slightly more sporty alternative to  off-white hi-top converse. Ugh, really have to think about this one, can't just be spending money because I want to!. I should really be saving up for a a trip to cph or Africa or something. That's all for now!

P.S. Happy Summertime!

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