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If Cupid's Got a Gun, Then He is Shootin'

I wore a rodarte for target black lace dress, oversized jean jacket, cream-colored convers hightops, and white bag

Grimes in the purple/blue glow



    So, just the other night I saw my absolute favorite artist in concert at the Wiltern Theatre in LA. I can't really explain the love I have for Lykke Li. It all started back in 2008 when I came home from school one day and logged on to John Galliano's website to see his s/s '09 show. The models came walking out to her song "Tonight" and I began to cry - and that's not a joke. I had to know more so I quickly typed in the lyrics as best I could remember. There it was: Lykke Li. Ever since then I've been listening to her first album, Youth Novels, non-stop and have yet to get tired of it - and now listening to "Wounded Rhymes," too!
   The concert overall was so amazing, and I of course shed some tears! I mean, I was so star-struck. Ms. Li, my idol, my hero was right in front of my eyes (very spectacular seats, I must say) belting out her songs with a unique twist that can only be heard live. Everything about the show was amazing. The set was simple with a few blowing drapes, lights and some fog machines. And Lykke was wearing the Acne Track boots that I have been so in love with forever ( I'm sure you've seen more than one post on those here before!) along with a black, draped bodysuit and black (trenchcoast-ish?) sweater. Annnddd, one of her really sleek, parted-down-the-middle buns.
    If I remember correctly she sang these songs, which are not listed in a particular order:
1) Jerome
2) Dance, Dance, Dance
3) I Know Rivers
4) Love out of Lust
5) Velver (a cover)
6) Until We Bleed
7) Get Some
8) I'm Good, I'm Gone
9) Possibility
10) Little Bit
11) another cover I forget the name of

Perhaps one of my favorite parts was when she dropped to the floor to an intro of a Fever Ray song, only to rise moments later and sing a breathtaking version of "Until we Bleed", a Kleerup song that she did the vocals for. Let me tell you, that girl knows how to put on a show.
   As for her opening act, she was great too! She was a super-cute techno singer from Canada that went by the name of Grimes. Grimes was wearing a rather un-techno-singer outfit, as she was clad in a random sweater, old flannel, some printed skirt, leggings, and running shoes that were sizes too big. Yet, her rather humble appearence did not stop the great sounds she produced with only a loop machine, keyboard and sound-board/synthesizer.

Well, I'm just blabbering and there's homework to be done and a run to go on! But anyways, the bottom line is ♥LYKKEFOREVER♥

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