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oh post in so long! And you know what's frustrating? I can't find my camera chord! And I have, like, 5 outfits to upload! is probably just getting me back for all the times I've said it's pictures stunk. Well, they do - but I still need you!
Right now at school we've been working on this researh paper, and we were allowed to choose our topic so long as it went along with the theme of a revolt or revolution. I opted out of doing a lame thing like spice trade or whatever else for Japanese street style. I mean, writing 6-8 pages will be so easy when you can talk about Gothic-Lolita-Girls and all-things Harajuku, right?

Really in love with those horse hair Docs! I can't stop thinking about getting a pair of Docs. I've been wanting to for years but just never got around to it. I like that these red ones are a thinner sole - I think it looks better than that super thick one. My only dilemma is do I get black (so that I can wear them with everything) or do I go floral, which is just fun and brilliant? Options, options.
  Oops! Now I'm wasting away my hours needed to go read Crime and Punishment.  yikes, lots to do!
For now - ♥♥
p.s. loving this girls outfit to pieces! the length and shape of her dress is beyond
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  1. Those docs are absolutely fabulous, I'm kinda frightened by the idea of horse hair on my feet though, haha !