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  The other day I went thrifting (well, to just two places) and found a few good items. I found these great leather boots. I've been wanting a pair like these for a while - I could not resist when I found these sturdy ones for just $5! Sure, they are just a tad big, but nothing a thick sock can't fix! Also got this sweater for $2.50 and that bag for cheap. It looks like Hermes b/c of the 'H' clasp....just vintage, though. It'll store everything and can fit across the body. For me, if a bag does not fit across the body, then it is not practical. Sure, there are some really great clutches out there. But for something like a bag, if I can't use it till it breaks, then what's the point? I like how my turquoise-tips really play off the beige sweater. And I also like how this whole outfit cost me no more than $15. ka-ching
Sweater - thrifted. Belt - old one i had.  Shorts - Urban Outfitters (old, from several yrs ago) Boots - thrifted. Bag- also thrifted. 

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  1. what are some good thrift stores in san diego?