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the color of ice

Quick look at what I was wearing today. It is of course getting chilly (by California standards) and so layering is key - and so much fun. I love to layer this Rodarte for Target raincoat ( I never really use it for rain but for layering b/c it does not protect) under large jackets because it creates an alluring proportion. And I dyed my hair a little higher than last go-round. I think that the second wash in, this color is at its prime - the color of icy, glacier blue water. Just what I wanted. 
till next time xx
Coat - thrifted  Raincoat - Rodarte for Target    Shirt - *official* LL concert tee 
Shorts - (can't really see them here) Urban Outfitters - a few yrs old. 
Shoes - thrifted 

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