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until the masquerade is over

Never really could get over how amazing these cargo pants are - and of course my 2nd favorite shoes of all time -  these Céline steel-heeled babies. Is it horrible to say that I get sad looking at my closet and not seeing those - or the pants for that matter? I feel a little guilty when there are bigger/actual problems in the world. But then I look at this and it is perfection. Something which I'll never reach. So maybe I need to scour ebay for a pair of those shoes so I can at least get a little closer?
These thoughts only make sense in my head. Go read Crime and Punishment, Emma.

(photo - yr. old from Elin Kling. Damn - that girl knows how to dress) 

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  1. Emma: Basically this is amazing.. I think maybe my goal in life will be finding a pair of these pants for you!!! Why are you so cool?? Hahahaha... and I'm liking the Crime and Punishment reference!!- Meaghan