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china doll

I typically don't wear jewelry, but I recycled this "arm party" three times this week

For viewing pleasure, happy friday

I came across this dress in my mother's closet the other day when I was rummaging around for a dress of mine she had borrowed several weeks prior. If I don't look, things won't come back. I came across this striped cotton, low-waist dress that I am in love with. I love the off-the-form shape and the drop waist. Undoubtly the drop was was useful once as it hugged the stomach from which I inhabited for nine months. It works just as well for me, as the waistline fits comfortably below my snacking-while-homework-child. Baddda-Bing, Badda-Boom.
    I paired it with my converse and a little, fitted millitary jacket that I haven't worn in years.

Dress - mother's
Shoes - Converse
Jacket - old, perhaps a gift

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  1. Con's go great with literally everything! Just wondered, what camera do you use? It's the kinda quality I'm looking for, thanks :D