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mohair mermaid

What I wore earlier in the week. Been so in love with this knit, ripped tee that I got on sale a few weeks ago. It layers so well and is the easiest to pair down things like aqua fringe, which I did last week. I decided to put it with equally casual things, such as my longer-length denim cutoffs, floral Docs, and the little mohair jacket. Oh, and my mermaid hair. It fades quickly yet its so easy to do. Take some strands, add some colors.
  I'm trying with all my might to hold on until summer. Almost there.
jacket - Rodarte for Target
Tee - UO
Cut-offs: thrifted
Shoes: Docs

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  1. Very nice outfit especially shoes :)
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    and I will follow yours :)
    XX EMN :D