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summertime is nice and hot

   So, when I rolled out of bed yesterday (Monday), I had a few things on my mind. First: I am very, super-done/over school. Two: They said it was going to be hot, so naturally I decided to channel summer. The truth: School is not over nor was the weather terribly summer-y. But, my outfit was comfortable anyhow. It consisted of my favorite tee with my favorite lady on it. I put it over a great shear chiffon(ish) jumpsuit that I've been enjoying for the past year. Now, on the weekends I would normally just pair it with a bralette - but at school one has to keep it more "covered" and all that good stuff, ya know?
   And ever since I was little I have had an infatuation with flower crowns. I used to make them out of daisies and whatnot but finally invest $2.50 into a glue gun, so those cheap, fake flowers are being put on childhood headbands like there is no tomorrow.

details (fancy, fancy)
  To finish it off, those cream-colored loyal Converse were on the feet. Badda-bing - most comfortable thing and best alternative to getting out of bed in PJs. It's a crime how comfy this look is, really. Even the flower crown.

flower crown - DIY
Top - LL concert tee
Jumpsuit - 2nd hand (maybe fp?)
Shoes - Converse

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