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Dior // Fall 2012 Haute Couture

   TO put it polietly, Dior under John Galliano was musty, repetitive, albeit even cheesy. What with its same looks being repeated each season: over-exagerated hips, silky materials and 1950s nostalgia cradled and perfected to more of the likes of a tourist-trap diner than an ode to the conceptual feats of Christian Dior. Don't get me wrong, there were some good moments in the Dior of Galliano's era, yet the looks compared to what Raf Simons did under his debut collection begin to have a horribly cheap and sickly whimsical ora.

   Raf Simon's debut collection for Dior provided the break in a dwindling saga that so badly needed to be put to rest. Raf's Couture Trilogy under label Jil Sander only strenghened the shift that Simons would make at Dior. There was a refreshing simplicity in the clothes that manifested; strong cuts and tailoring that mirrored the love of Construction that Christian Dior had. This time around, the ode to the New Look was delivered in fresh pantsuits with tops gently cuffed at the chest.  It was streamline and very Raf. Not to mention the color palette was subtle:blacks, blues (cobalt to navy), whites, and the pale pink color that has such a daring lightness against the more somber fall colors.
   Though staying true to not only Dior but Raf, both seemed to come together in a way that only sparks interest for further seasons to come. We'll miss Raf at Jil, but Raf at Dior only provides for an exciting, new saga in the industry.

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