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On Graphic Tees

   I always find it sorta funny when I start to become obsessed with things that I never liked in the past. Ever since Givenchy put those panther and pinup iconography tees on the market, many brands have followed suit. Not only with montages, but lingos as well. Truth is, I always thought tees with sayings looked a little cheap. Sure, some of them still do - but if it's a good saying, might as well!

The first shirt to examine I saw via one of my favorite blogs, Stop It Right Now .  I think it's so clever. I'm all for a fashion pun and I could just imagine this one with a short circle skirt and converse.

 This Balenciaga shirt is slightly more expensive than shirt # 1. That being said, it is nevertheless the Ghesquiere-80s-Sci-Fi-graphic-tee-of-our-dreams. Even with a pair of denim cutoffs and loafers would do the trick.
And of course one of the Givenchy wonders that started it all. That panther still haunts my dreams, begging me to buy one of its ample replicas that are out lurking on the interwebs. I think I'd wear this one with a perforarted skirt of the J.W. Anderson variety.

This Acne tee was brought to my attention by Leandra. It is perfect in every way: fit, words, everything. And, let me just say this, Leandra styled it exactly how I would have desired too. Those damn citrus fruit beings from Stella still make me weak upon glance. So good. And of course, metallic Supergas, not unlike last post

    And last but not least, perhpaps one of my favorite fashion puns of all. Behold:
Fashion profanities, profanities of fashion - it's  fowl language but real, real smart. Really.
And Leandra rocking this one as well. Love the chunky Dannijo accents and a pair of denim cutoffs balances it all so well.

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