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Chanel Fall 2010 Haute Couture -- Paris Haute Couture Week Update

The last Chanel collection really defined Coco Chanel's time spent on the beach in the 1910s and the 1920s. The newest collection, showing in Paris the other day, took a look back into the history of Chanel. This collection brought a flare of color to the fall season, too.
Walking around huge Chanel No.5 bottles, models came out in dresses of all different colors. The first couple of looks were a modern twist on the ever wonderful Chanel classic...tweed. The collection really focused on the 20's,30's, an 40's. With long overcoats of fur, and belted suits, the collection was a blast from the past. I felt that this collection was very wonderful, but the last collection (the cruise collection) was alot better.
The highlight of this collection were the length defining dresses and coats. Some of the suits had very geometric cape-trains that came down to the floor, way past where the above-knee skirts and dresses ended. This collection was so unique in the sense that these trains were not seen in other collections or were seen in any other designer's shows.
One thing that really grabbed my attention, were the colors. Usually when I think of Chanel I think of black and white. But, these past three collections really brought the color into Chanel and have showed that this fashion house can really be more color-creative. I felt the hats were very avant-garde, too. The hats were see-through, made from a tough material. The hats were a mix of 1920's flapper girl hats, mixed with a space age inspiration.
My favorite dress was one of black lace and silk. The dress draped to the floor, exposing a pattern of glittered round circles. I felt that the mink collar placed over the sleeves was very flattering and avant-garde. The shiny mettalic blues, pinks, greens, and yellows were so unlike Chanel, I had to check the title. I think a fashion house, that can re0-inevent themselves over, after a collection, but still can provide the iconic inspiration, really has accomplished.
All the defining pieces such as the trains, hats, and colors really were amazing. This was one Haute collection!
By Emma (Madame Couture)
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  1. This is a great collection, but I must say I still love the Black & White Chanel we have all come to love. I thought these outfits were divine though!!

  2. Madame Couture...the last post is from me...Jill

  3. What a wonderful collection--I think the top posted photo is my favorite look. Chanel all the way, but new and improved! Beautiful!