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Back from the City

Hello Everyone,
just got back from a wonderful trip to NY! I went to the city (of course) to do a little fashion hunting. First, I went to the Met to visit the fantastic Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion exhibit. The exhibit featured pictures of the models in the dresses and then featured the dresses, too. I felt so lucky to be in the same room with suits from the most famous and iconic collection in the world, Dior's 1947 collection simply know as The New Look. The exhibit offered living history to the way models had changed how designers look at fashion and how they changed it. It was fabulous. Then a taxi ride of to Greenwich village brought me to a very cute street called: Bleecker St. This street had Ralph Lauren Collection, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs accesories, and Cythia Rowley stores. It was a bummer because I had just missed Cynthia Rowley by a couple of minutes. If I had walk in the store a few minutes earlier I would have met her and given all of you an "Madame Couture meets Cynthia Rowley" exclusive.
Then I embarked on my journey to Broadway where I popped into Kenneth Cole (they had a great sale 50% off of the already slashed prices!), then on to the all glass Prada store. Just the elevator was gorgeous! The Prada store was so fun! Since I could not afford any of it (one day), I touched/held all of the purses, shoes, and clothing that I had seen in the Prada ads! I felt so happy! Then into Topshop, a store that just opened up on Broadway on about April 4th. Topshop has some outrageous clothing that is geared towards 20-somthings. From cute one-shouldered rompers to sleek black harem pants...this was the store for me! I was bummed when they did not have the neon green jelly gladiator sandals I had wanted, but I was SO happy I got to go there!
My day in NYC was filled with fashion, and you know what a fashion filled day means...a fun filled day!

When in NY I highly recomend going to the T.Carlton's Spalon in Smithtown, NY! It was so pretty, relaxing, and professional! A day a T.Carlton's Spalon is like a day spent in heaven! The owners of this Spalon (spa + salon), are so nice and only give their customer's top-of-the-line products. Please, Please, Please go there, you will feel like 100 billion dollars after a day there!

T.Carlton's Spalon website:

By Emma (Madame Couture)

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