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YES, NO, OR MAYBE?? Would you wear this??

Look at this bodysuit/corset by Jean-Paul Gaultier. With those details, and question is: Yes, NO, OR MAYBE? Would you wear this?
Please share if you would wear it (yes), would not wear it (no), or maybe wear it (maybe).
Please tell me what you think by leaving a comment! Enjoy this new post, I will have one every week!!
-Emma (Madame Couture)


  1. Wow! I love it, first of all. I must admit, it's stunning! The designs and details are just amazing--so futuristic and daring for the lines, and the soft taupe color makes it even more modern.

    Would I wear it? Well--that is another issue entirely! Would I have to say for which occasion? :) If it looked exactly like that on me, I would say, YES! ;)

  2. It is a very futuristic original design. But let's be honest, unless you are Madonna or Cher in concert, at what event would this outfit be appropriate? If a skirt could be worn over it, then maybe. But the padded hips prevent that. I don't think it has enough "sexy" factor to wear it in the bedroom either. My bf would just stare it and wonder if I am going through a michelin man phase =)

  3. The ooutfit is ded cool, except for the 'this-is-not-appropriate-to-go-out-in' look, I would only wear this if I were a model or a super star.

    I would maybe wear this