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Marc Jacobs Spring-Summer 2009 Collection

Do you ever get a warm glow inside of you just thinking about somthing you like? Thats how I feel when I think about the spring-summer 2009 Marc Jacobs collection. No wonder Marc Jacobs won and award for design at the CFDA awards just about two weelks ago.
Trying their best not to fall, models swayed to the relaxing Gershwin tune Rhapsody in Blue. The collection really was a smart idea. What looked like a dress could be "disected" into a long skirt, a shirt, an obi belt, and vests. If there was one sentance to sum up the theme of the collection if you were explaining it to someone who had never seen it, it would be: 1950's Parsian woman meets Anne of Green Gables/Little House on the Prairie.
The leather pencil skirts and jackets were crafted in the most creative ways. One of my favorite pieces was an orange/yellowy leather jacket the was belted at the waist with a wool collar, and shiny elbow pads...GENIUS. Just the materials like the purple and pink metallic weave material, used to make the skirts, was amazing. The hats were very clever, too. Bringing back the straw hats of the prairie. What an amazing collection.
Now for the critiques, I was not impressed with the handbags...well I was. I loved the handbags when I saw extremley similar ones in the Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2009 collection. Marc Jacobs is the designer for Louis vuitton, but even though they are his designs he should not take them away from the LV label. You could just see that they were the same( they had the tassles, they had the purple leather), I thought it was very lazy of Jacobs to do this. It kind of destroys the persona of those handbags.
This collection was very smart, sophisticated,and avant-gaurde. It is one of my favorite collections. Let me tell you, those geometric dresses are to die for.
(Don't worry Marc, we'll forgive you for the handbag incident).
By: Emma (Madame Coture)

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  1. I'm not really into fashion but Emma is my cousin.