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Milan Menswear week -- Why has Mens' fashion never been as popular as womens' ?


When you think about fashion do you see men's or women's clothing? Most of us (even men) see women's clothes. Why is that? Maybe because it is more creative - but without creativity on the women's part, the men's fashion industry would be more popular.
Well, men's fashion is the same-old-same-old, with suits, seperates like blazers, pants, and brief cases. Oh, I see it! That's it! The creativity was there all aong, oh wait, the only thing they change is the colors of the suits (EX:Gucci), or perhaps to go really wild, put the suit in a print (EX: Bottega Veneta).
The Ermenegildo Zegna collection really stood out to me. It brought the casual and sophisticated man together. Trousers were paired with knit shirts, and flannel- like trench coats on top.
So, I guess the reason menswear is less of a big deal during fashion is week is that women's clothes are more creative, and perhaps there are more women interested in the buying aspect of fashin than man.
Both Gucci and Calvin Klein collections (men = Calvin Klein and women = Gucci) had a look that was almost identical to one another, but it looked better on the woman. Let's face it ladies, we know how to wear clothes better. But, men know how to wear them well, too.
By: Emma (Madame Couture)
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  1. Sometimes if you go to a plus size womans clothing store you can't only find that perfect, black, silky top but you can find it in your size. Finding that perfect shirt or dress can be hard.