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NAME THAT DESIGNER -- Do you know your designers?

Hello eveyone,
How are you? So, here is a test to see if you know your designers. Without using any source but your head, you will try and figure out what designer I am talking about. The first person to email me their answer wins, the prize is the mention I will give about you and your blog (I will rave about it, of course). Good luck, here are your clues!!
1. Born In Germany

2. In 1955 was an apprentice to Pierre Balmain

3. Always wears sunglasses

4. designs for two major fashion houses, and has his own lines
HINT: The two pics, are the two fashion houses he designs for, if you recognize the label, it will help you decipher the designer!
Good Luck, email me your answer at:
by: Emma (Madame Couture)

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