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THE COLORS OF SUMMER -- Style tips for the summer

Well, as summer comes around we have to dress accordingly. Not only does that mean clothing to fit the temps, but colors that go with summer also. In this quick post, I will be giving you some tips on what colors to wear for the summer.
The latest and most light/simple color to wear this summer is white. Not only is it the new black (according to the runways, Vogue, W magazine,, NY Times style section, and my blog). It is a color that can go with many other colors, and for the hot weather will not absorb too much sunlight. The classic white shirt will always be a yes; whether crusing on a boat, or have lunch with a friend. Instead of the dark wash jeans that were in last season, white jeans are now in, and they look so nice. Now, I know what you are thinking, what a mess! Just think of all the stains that will appear on them and how hard they are to keep clean. Well, stock up on the clothing beach, and wear them anyways (they are SO worth it).
White goes best with light colors (white and light blue or light pink), and with pastels (white and magenta).
Now for the clothes that you should be wearing this summer. First of all, GET A SANDAL. I don't mean a flip-flop, I mean a gladiator sandal or an ankle strapped sandal. Second, GET A DAY DRESS. The day dress can really make a perfect outfit, with a casual handbag and a sweater you are set to go. Third, GET A JEAN SHORT. These may seem to kid-like for an adult but if the perfect pair is found, it will work out. Fourth, GET A FRINGE PIECE. Whether a fringe purse, shoes or skirt, these will look good for a casual yet nice summer outfit.
Thats all for right now my fashion friends, I hope you got some ideas that you can play around with. Much luck in finding your items, and if you already have them, even better!

BY: Emma (Madame Couture)

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  1. Thanks so much for the update! Although white is really not a favorite color of mine and others, it is perfect for the beach! I really love gladiator sandals and, what do you know?!?! It's summer, time to wear glatiators! Yey!