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Fun, Flirty -- Diane Furstenburg

As all of you have probably realized by now, the 80s are back in the spotlight. The 80s are not a bad element if they are done right. DVF, has done such a wonderful job making her 80s inspiration elegant, fun, flirty, and young. Adorned with big bows on their head, the models walk out in garments of florals, sequins, animal prints, and ruffles.
There were some really wonderful looks in this cruise 2009 collection. Colors such as greens, blues, pinks, and purples really defined the structures of the garments and brought the summer air to my nose. I really liked the swimsuits of this collection. Inspired by 1940s bikinis and one-pieces in multi-colors, really brought out the natural physiques and they will compliment anyone's eyes. The minidresses were also wonderful. Many of them with one sleeve, in animal prints of many different colors.
I really love this collection, it is so fun, and beautiful. Diane Von Furstenburg (I admire many of her collections) has done it again. This collection really sets a standard for what a cruise collection should feel and be like.

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  1. I love the multi-colored sequined mini-dress, even if I'm not actually crazy about the oversized hair bows (been there, done that, am still recovering from embarrassment!). Nice article!