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VALENTINO:THE LAST EMPORER-- The Best fashion Movie of the Year

Last night I went to go see the Valentino movie. It was brilliant in every way. The movie really gave an inside look at the life and work of Valentino Garavani. The cameras went backstage at runway shows, in his many chateus, and at his retirement party. When asked what women want, he answered: "Women want to be beautiful". That is exactly what they want. During the film it showed him preparing for a runway show, he was designing a white evening gown with sequined strips on the skirt. It was amzing, so Valentino, so elegant.

Valentino has several pugs, who get treated like royalty. I would love to be one of them for a day. Valentino's partner in business and in romance, Giancarlo, was always in the shadow of Valentino which put an interesting twist on their relationship.

This movie takes a wonderful inside look behind the gowns and the haute couture of Valentino. This movie is so well done. It is my favorite movie ever (until another fashion movie comes out, at least). Bravo, Bravo Valentino!

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  1. It has to be my favorite movie so far in history! They did such an amazing job!